A bit of me


I am Juana Carmela.

An art graduate, currently graphic designer and web surfer.

I like to take photos of everyday life, sketch random things, put up short poems and I like going to places or events.

I like cutesy and floral stuff, yet also like goth and dark things. I like pastels and dark colors as well.

I’m currently 20 and my birth date is November 11 so basically I am a Scorpio.

I had  a blog before in Tumblr, but I can’t retrieve my old Yahoo! email so I can’t open my account there. So sad

Well, that’s pretty much the things I can say so, bye fer now folks. Enjoy my blog.

P.S.: Still working on this new blog so apologies for few posts.

P.P.S.: I love pizzas, ice cream, and burgers ☺

Credits to the ARTWORK of my face made by an old friend ☺47a7f921193801.562fd1fdcc229