Color Manila 2016



Color Manila  Carnival Fun Run!

It’s my first run for this year! I was so excited to do this because It’s my first time doing a Color Manila Fun Run with my very best friend. I had her sleep over at our place the night before so we could go there together.

It was held at SM Mall of Asia, Seaside. And it was jampacked with people. We chose the 3K only because it’s my first time so I won’t get shocked with the aftermath of running. Hehehe.

It started with a warm up dance party before the sun rises. And then started calling the people and their respective categories. the last one is ours, the 3K. By the way, there are freebies given before the day of the event, and it was good! We got white shirts, string bags  and rainbow shades. I love the shades!

I like the theme of the fun run: Carnival. Which you can see by the costumes of the people at  the checkpoint. The ones who were spraying and throwing colored powder at people.

After the run, we went straight the stage area to wait for the after party and colorblast. It was a surviving moment for my DSLR getting through with all that powder and dust and heat! But it wasn’t over yet. I wanted to film the color blast and I knew it’ll gonna be hard.

When almost all the people finished the run and arrived in the stage area, the host and the DJ started to fire up the party. And countdown to the colorblast!

Here are some photos I took!

During the opening remarks and starting points.


Relaxing before the warmup!


The starting point of the run.FB_IMG_1469495180019

Passing by the beautiful golden sunrise


The first checkpoint! The green one.


The second checkpoint! The pink one ♥


After the run.



During the afterparty and colorblast!


Some random photos of people I took.


Here’s the link to the video of the colorblast!

Color Manila 2016


Thanks for reading! ♥♥


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