Watson’s Sun Warrior Challenge 2016

10k finisher, baby!


Color Manila Fun: Watson’s Sun Warrior Challenge 2016

It’s my second Color Manila Fun Run for this year! It was an exciting dawn with my 2 friends and lil bro. We headed to SM Mall of Asia Sea side to sign up and prepare for our run. We chose that 10k run and it’s quite a bit scary ‘coz I thought it was gonna be a long run with obstacles of course.



Before the run, there was a warm up routine for everyone. The first start was for the 21k runners and the second one was ours. Before you pass the colored powder checkpoint, there was a water checkpoint where firetruck hose was spraying water all over the runners. It was a bit hard for me because I’m holding my DSLR that time to film our experiences. We went through the green powder,  garter obstacles with violet powder, we went through low wall obstacle with blue powder, then semi high wall obstacle with pink powder and then tire obstacle course with orange powder and then crawling obstacle with yellow powder. I love that mint cooling spray that they spray for the runners to ease the muscles and heat. After the running course, explosion of colors in the party happened. We didn’t make it at the exact burst of colors because we were still in the course at that time. But well, it was one hella experience and an accomplishment!

Here are some photos and  the link to the vid I made!

Here are my friends from left to right: She, Shai, Rassian (before the run)


Here is my lil bro, Emman


During the run!


The first checkpoint of color! Green ♥


The second checkpoint: Violet ♥


The third checkpoint: Blue ♥


The 4th, 5th and last color checkpoint: Pink, Orange and Yellow!♥

The aftermath of color bursts on our shoes ☺☺☺



And here is my 10k finisher smile and pose! Hehehe



Here is the link to the video I made ♥

Watson’s Sun Warrior Challenge 2016


Thanks for reading! ♥♥


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