Summer at Momarco

05-07-16 to 05-08-16

All about that summer, baby!


My mom and I were planning a vacation for us four so we could relax and enjoy for a while. I looked for resorts that time and almost all of them are fully booked. It was abrupt that we found a resort with only one room left. I thought that the vacation we planned was going to be cancelled and fortunately, not.

It was Saturday and I got off from work earlier than usual because I took a half day. The commuting time was not that bad, actually the traffic was. We took an FX ride from the Star Mall, about 1pm, which was a bad move. And after  a long tricycle ride, we arrived at the Resort for like 7pm.

The place was enormous, it was hidden. And it was very very quiet and peaceful at night. Very relaxing. We stayed in a hotel room, and went night swimming.

In the morning, we strolled for a little bit and then went for a whole day of swimming. There were three huge pools, one with man made falls, and I must say the place was great. It was our first time to go on a vacation with just ourselves. Usually we join my dad’s company outings. Since he was retired, we planned this ourselves and commuted there.

It was memorable. Me taking a break from stressful work. My parents taking a break from tiresome store handling. And my brother, taking a break from the computer games. Hahaha!

Here are some pictures. And by the way, the resort’s name was Momarco Hotel and Resort, Tanay, Rizal, Philippines.




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