Miniso Haul

Impuslive Buying! Hahaha!


Miniso is an international shop which originated from Japan. With wide selection of items from skin care, make up, gadget accessories, bags, sunnies, containers and etc. in a great quality but affordable price.

This early July, I heard that the first Miniso branch here in the Philippines opened in Robinsons Manila, so I told my best friend that we should go and check out the store, thinking that we can get great finds there.

We decided to go there. The store itself is minimalist in arrangement and the ambient is pretty cool. We started scanning the items and I got so excited to get some “needs” or maybe not exactly. Hehehehe!

This are some photos I took from the store:

Look at our shopping baskets 💖

Here are some items that I got:

Skin care, accessories, cosmetics and stationeries.


Make up bag for 99, Lipstick for 99, Powder (which was not my color 😢) 149, Brow Pencil in Gray for 99 (my fave)

A closer look at the bronzy makeup bag:

First Impressions:

Make up bag, great great great for the cheap price. Roomy and it has pockets for brushes.

Brow Pencil, great for the price, natural looking. Triangular in shape and quite good for shaping brows.

Lipstick, it said matte on the packaging yet the lipstick is sheer and streaky. But on the positive note, color is cute.

Powder, so chalky and powdery, and not my skin color. What a let down 😢


Skin Care:

Rose Petal toner (the one in brown bottle), Make up remover (the tall bottle), Facial Wash/Cleanser (the white tube), Facial Moisturizer/Emulsion (the mint green), Blackhead nose strips (the gray box) and Candy Pocket Masks (the candy like packaging) for only 99 each, the Green tea perfume (the box in the middle) for 129.

First Impressions:

Rose Petal toner, it is so cute! It has literally floating petals inside. Made my skin moisturized and soft. Apply after facial wash.

Makeup remover, cheap for the quantity! Great finds! Leaves your skin soft after removing makeup.

Facial Wash/Cleanser, smells like tea with essences. Very light and not too foamy but leaves your skin smooth and soft after wash. I love the packaging, very minimal and sleek. Especially the cap with wood imitation design!

Facial Moisturizer/ Emulsion, very liquidy, no strong scent, very lightweight and not sticky. Smooth and soft skin after use.

Blackhead Nose strips, do its job but not that well. Doesn’t stick to my face very well.

Candy Pocket masks, these are masks that you soak on essences, oil, diy mask solutions then it expands. Haven’t tried it yet.

Green Tea perfume, smells like refreshing green tea. Very soothing to your nose and long lasting. One of my great finds!


Sketchpad with cute cartoony illustration for 199

First Impression:

Thick paper, good for sketching and doodle drawings with pencils. Also quite good for watercolor, but be careful in layering colors, it might tear it down. Has many leaves.


Hair brush for 99, three pair of earrings for 199

The usual hairbrush and earrings!
All in all impressions:

There are great finds there. And good quality products. I think I am going back there because there are some things I really needed that they haven’t restocked yet. Like depilatory creams and etc. I think of buying a cute backpack too. So try shopping there for great finds!

Thanks for reading!


Jacko Wacko Fest

Party Time!


I waited for this day to come, because the first schedule was postponed so the date was moved.

My college bestfriend and I met at a mall to commute to the place (Circuit Makati) for the said event (Jacko Wacko Music Festival) and we were caught up big time in traffic and drizzle. It was our first time to go to that place so we’re kinda anxious but when we arrived the fun begun.

Local bands played first. Then we decided to rent a locker for our stuffs so it won’t get wet. Then we bought adorable chokers and waterproof pouches for our phones.

After the local band played, one of the famous local DJs popped up and started the  rave. The music was so good. Then fire hoses and watergun begun spraying water and the party went wild!!!

It was so fun but hahahaha, we realized it wasn’t our thing so we decided to change clothes and go home while it’s still early. The venue was far from home so we hailed a taxi.

I can say is, it was a blast and an experience for us too! Even though it wasn’t our thing, we enjoyed.

Here are few pictures of us before and after ☺☺Edit


Here the after storm surge: