Jacko Wacko Fest

Party Time!


I waited for this day to come, because the first schedule was postponed so the date was moved.

My college bestfriend and I met at a mall to commute to the place (Circuit Makati) for the said event (Jacko Wacko Music Festival) and we were caught up big time in traffic and drizzle. It was our first time to go to that place so we’re kinda anxious but when we arrived the fun begun.

Local bands played first. Then we decided to rent a locker for our stuffs so it won’t get wet. Then we bought adorable chokers and waterproof pouches for our phones.

After the local band played, one of the famous local DJs popped up and started the  rave. The music was so good. Then fire hoses and watergun begun spraying water and the party went wild!!!

It was so fun but hahahaha, we realized it wasn’t our thing so we decided to change clothes and go home while it’s still early. The venue was far from home so we hailed a taxi.

I can say is, it was a blast and an experience for us too! Even though it wasn’t our thing, we enjoyed.

Here are few pictures of us before and after ☺☺Edit


Here the after storm surge:


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