Pinto Art Museum

“Art makes us feel something, either good or bad.”




It was Sunday, me and my best friends decided to go to Pinto Art Museum, located at Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines. It was the best time to go there because the museum closes on Mondays.

My brother, Emman tagged along with us and my best friends’s brother, Aaron too. So all in all we were five that time. Me, Emman, Shai, She and Aaron.

Commuting towards the place wasn’t so bad, it was easy and fast, especially on early mornings. We met at 6:45 am and arrived there at 8:45 am.


Arriving at the place, it was so small from the outside. Considering the entrance. But when you enter the wooden door, it was vast. Upon the entrance, you’ll pay the fee, and they’ll give you the ticket and guide map.

Here’s a look to the entrance:

2016-08-28 09.03.06 1.jpg

After the guard checked your shoulder bags, those who brought back packs will be deposited within the guards place. Just remember bringing important things with you, like cameras, phones, wallet, money and etc. No water allowed inside, just leave it in your back packs.

There are several comfort rooms scattered within the place, sofas and chairs to seat at whenever you decided to take a break.

All in all, the place as a whole is stunning. It’s like your in a different country. the ambiance, the white color, the nature-friendly vibes, the different galleries with gorgeous paintings and sculpture. Everything was dreamy. It will take you at least or almost 2 hours to visit the whole premises because the place was really vast. you’ll get tired at some moments but the place will uplift you.

Here are some pictures I took. Flash photography was not allowed, just make sure the flash of  your DSLRs, digicams and phones are off.

The camera I used was Nikon D3300




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