Pinto Art Museum

“Art makes us feel something, either good or bad.”




It was Sunday, me and my best friends decided to go to Pinto Art Museum, located at Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines. It was the best time to go there because the museum closes on Mondays.

My brother, Emman tagged along with us and my best friends’s brother, Aaron too. So all in all we were five that time. Me, Emman, Shai, She and Aaron.

Commuting towards the place wasn’t so bad, it was easy and fast, especially on early mornings. We met at 6:45 am and arrived there at 8:45 am.


Arriving at the place, it was so small from the outside. Considering the entrance. But when you enter the wooden door, it was vast. Upon the entrance, you’ll pay the fee, and they’ll give you the ticket and guide map.

Here’s a look to the entrance:

2016-08-28 09.03.06 1.jpg

After the guard checked your shoulder bags, those who brought back packs will be deposited within the guards place. Just remember bringing important things with you, like cameras, phones, wallet, money and etc. No water allowed inside, just leave it in your back packs.

There are several comfort rooms scattered within the place, sofas and chairs to seat at whenever you decided to take a break.

All in all, the place as a whole is stunning. It’s like your in a different country. the ambiance, the white color, the nature-friendly vibes, the different galleries with gorgeous paintings and sculpture. Everything was dreamy. It will take you at least or almost 2 hours to visit the whole premises because the place was really vast. you’ll get tired at some moments but the place will uplift you.

Here are some pictures I took. Flash photography was not allowed, just make sure the flash of  your DSLRs, digicams and phones are off.

The camera I used was Nikon D3300




Miniso Haul

Impuslive Buying! Hahaha!


Miniso is an international shop which originated from Japan. With wide selection of items from skin care, make up, gadget accessories, bags, sunnies, containers and etc. in a great quality but affordable price.

This early July, I heard that the first Miniso branch here in the Philippines opened in Robinsons Manila, so I told my best friend that we should go and check out the store, thinking that we can get great finds there.

We decided to go there. The store itself is minimalist in arrangement and the ambient is pretty cool. We started scanning the items and I got so excited to get some “needs” or maybe not exactly. Hehehehe!

This are some photos I took from the store:

Look at our shopping baskets 💖

Here are some items that I got:

Skin care, accessories, cosmetics and stationeries.


Make up bag for 99, Lipstick for 99, Powder (which was not my color 😢) 149, Brow Pencil in Gray for 99 (my fave)

A closer look at the bronzy makeup bag:

First Impressions:

Make up bag, great great great for the cheap price. Roomy and it has pockets for brushes.

Brow Pencil, great for the price, natural looking. Triangular in shape and quite good for shaping brows.

Lipstick, it said matte on the packaging yet the lipstick is sheer and streaky. But on the positive note, color is cute.

Powder, so chalky and powdery, and not my skin color. What a let down 😢


Skin Care:

Rose Petal toner (the one in brown bottle), Make up remover (the tall bottle), Facial Wash/Cleanser (the white tube), Facial Moisturizer/Emulsion (the mint green), Blackhead nose strips (the gray box) and Candy Pocket Masks (the candy like packaging) for only 99 each, the Green tea perfume (the box in the middle) for 129.

First Impressions:

Rose Petal toner, it is so cute! It has literally floating petals inside. Made my skin moisturized and soft. Apply after facial wash.

Makeup remover, cheap for the quantity! Great finds! Leaves your skin soft after removing makeup.

Facial Wash/Cleanser, smells like tea with essences. Very light and not too foamy but leaves your skin smooth and soft after wash. I love the packaging, very minimal and sleek. Especially the cap with wood imitation design!

Facial Moisturizer/ Emulsion, very liquidy, no strong scent, very lightweight and not sticky. Smooth and soft skin after use.

Blackhead Nose strips, do its job but not that well. Doesn’t stick to my face very well.

Candy Pocket masks, these are masks that you soak on essences, oil, diy mask solutions then it expands. Haven’t tried it yet.

Green Tea perfume, smells like refreshing green tea. Very soothing to your nose and long lasting. One of my great finds!


Sketchpad with cute cartoony illustration for 199

First Impression:

Thick paper, good for sketching and doodle drawings with pencils. Also quite good for watercolor, but be careful in layering colors, it might tear it down. Has many leaves.


Hair brush for 99, three pair of earrings for 199

The usual hairbrush and earrings!
All in all impressions:

There are great finds there. And good quality products. I think I am going back there because there are some things I really needed that they haven’t restocked yet. Like depilatory creams and etc. I think of buying a cute backpack too. So try shopping there for great finds!

Thanks for reading!

Jacko Wacko Fest

Party Time!


I waited for this day to come, because the first schedule was postponed so the date was moved.

My college bestfriend and I met at a mall to commute to the place (Circuit Makati) for the said event (Jacko Wacko Music Festival) and we were caught up big time in traffic and drizzle. It was our first time to go to that place so we’re kinda anxious but when we arrived the fun begun.

Local bands played first. Then we decided to rent a locker for our stuffs so it won’t get wet. Then we bought adorable chokers and waterproof pouches for our phones.

After the local band played, one of the famous local DJs popped up and started the  rave. The music was so good. Then fire hoses and watergun begun spraying water and the party went wild!!!

It was so fun but hahahaha, we realized it wasn’t our thing so we decided to change clothes and go home while it’s still early. The venue was far from home so we hailed a taxi.

I can say is, it was a blast and an experience for us too! Even though it wasn’t our thing, we enjoyed.

Here are few pictures of us before and after ☺☺Edit


Here the after storm surge:

Summer at Momarco

05-07-16 to 05-08-16

All about that summer, baby!


My mom and I were planning a vacation for us four so we could relax and enjoy for a while. I looked for resorts that time and almost all of them are fully booked. It was abrupt that we found a resort with only one room left. I thought that the vacation we planned was going to be cancelled and fortunately, not.

It was Saturday and I got off from work earlier than usual because I took a half day. The commuting time was not that bad, actually the traffic was. We took an FX ride from the Star Mall, about 1pm, which was a bad move. And after  a long tricycle ride, we arrived at the Resort for like 7pm.

The place was enormous, it was hidden. And it was very very quiet and peaceful at night. Very relaxing. We stayed in a hotel room, and went night swimming.

In the morning, we strolled for a little bit and then went for a whole day of swimming. There were three huge pools, one with man made falls, and I must say the place was great. It was our first time to go on a vacation with just ourselves. Usually we join my dad’s company outings. Since he was retired, we planned this ourselves and commuted there.

It was memorable. Me taking a break from stressful work. My parents taking a break from tiresome store handling. And my brother, taking a break from the computer games. Hahaha!

Here are some pictures. And by the way, the resort’s name was Momarco Hotel and Resort, Tanay, Rizal, Philippines.



Watson’s Sun Warrior Challenge 2016

10k finisher, baby!


Color Manila Fun: Watson’s Sun Warrior Challenge 2016

It’s my second Color Manila Fun Run for this year! It was an exciting dawn with my 2 friends and lil bro. We headed to SM Mall of Asia Sea side to sign up and prepare for our run. We chose that 10k run and it’s quite a bit scary ‘coz I thought it was gonna be a long run with obstacles of course.



Before the run, there was a warm up routine for everyone. The first start was for the 21k runners and the second one was ours. Before you pass the colored powder checkpoint, there was a water checkpoint where firetruck hose was spraying water all over the runners. It was a bit hard for me because I’m holding my DSLR that time to film our experiences. We went through the green powder,  garter obstacles with violet powder, we went through low wall obstacle with blue powder, then semi high wall obstacle with pink powder and then tire obstacle course with orange powder and then crawling obstacle with yellow powder. I love that mint cooling spray that they spray for the runners to ease the muscles and heat. After the running course, explosion of colors in the party happened. We didn’t make it at the exact burst of colors because we were still in the course at that time. But well, it was one hella experience and an accomplishment!

Here are some photos and  the link to the vid I made!

Here are my friends from left to right: She, Shai, Rassian (before the run)


Here is my lil bro, Emman


During the run!


The first checkpoint of color! Green ♥


The second checkpoint: Violet ♥


The third checkpoint: Blue ♥


The 4th, 5th and last color checkpoint: Pink, Orange and Yellow!♥

The aftermath of color bursts on our shoes ☺☺☺



And here is my 10k finisher smile and pose! Hehehe



Here is the link to the video I made ♥

Watson’s Sun Warrior Challenge 2016


Thanks for reading! ♥♥

Color Manila 2016



Color Manila  Carnival Fun Run!

It’s my first run for this year! I was so excited to do this because It’s my first time doing a Color Manila Fun Run with my very best friend. I had her sleep over at our place the night before so we could go there together.

It was held at SM Mall of Asia, Seaside. And it was jampacked with people. We chose the 3K only because it’s my first time so I won’t get shocked with the aftermath of running. Hehehe.

It started with a warm up dance party before the sun rises. And then started calling the people and their respective categories. the last one is ours, the 3K. By the way, there are freebies given before the day of the event, and it was good! We got white shirts, string bags  and rainbow shades. I love the shades!

I like the theme of the fun run: Carnival. Which you can see by the costumes of the people at  the checkpoint. The ones who were spraying and throwing colored powder at people.

After the run, we went straight the stage area to wait for the after party and colorblast. It was a surviving moment for my DSLR getting through with all that powder and dust and heat! But it wasn’t over yet. I wanted to film the color blast and I knew it’ll gonna be hard.

When almost all the people finished the run and arrived in the stage area, the host and the DJ started to fire up the party. And countdown to the colorblast!

Here are some photos I took!

During the opening remarks and starting points.


Relaxing before the warmup!


The starting point of the run.FB_IMG_1469495180019

Passing by the beautiful golden sunrise


The first checkpoint! The green one.


The second checkpoint! The pink one ♥


After the run.



During the afterparty and colorblast!


Some random photos of people I took.


Here’s the link to the video of the colorblast!

Color Manila 2016


Thanks for reading! ♥♥